Horse equine shipping transportation usa to canada


Transporting your horse, the right way!

1. How do I pay for my shipping?
If you do not have an established account with us, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Money Order, Bank Wire, E-Transfer and Cash.

2. Are there additional costs for transporting my horse from Canada to USA?

  • Brokerage – There is a brokerage fee charged at the border for horses travelling from Canada into the U.S.A.
  • Vet Inspection – Horses travelling from Canada to the U.S. and staying for 30 days or longer must be inspected by the U.S.D.A. vet at the border, and there is a charge.
  • Layover –On long trips, we stop and give the horses a rest at a layover facility.

3.  Are there additional costs for transporting my horse from the USA to Canada?

  • Brokerage – If you are Canadian and your horse is a new purchase, there is a brokerage fee coming into Canada.
  • Horses shipping into Canada who have not been in the U.S. for at least 60 days must be inspected by the C.F.I.A. vet at the border as they come into Canada, and there is a charge.
  • Layover –On long trips, we stop and give the horses a rest at a layover facility.
  • GST (pertains to importers with a CRA Business #) –  5% GST is charged by the Canadian Government for horses purchased in the U.S. by a Canadian citizen and for horses owned by a Canadian that are coming into Canada for the first time.   Your business can claim this GST back as an input tax credit.   As of October 2024, Canada Customs requires all importers who have a CRA Business #  to be registered on their CARM Portal in advance of the import.  Please contact us if you would like help or information on how to register on their CARM Portal.
  • HST (pertains to importers who do NOT have a CRA Business #)  13% HST of the declared value of the horse will be payable to the Canadian Government.
  • Your horse(s) will be imported in full compliance with all regulations and paperwork is available in the event that you are audited by CRA.

4. What documents to I need to transport my horse?
All horses crossing the border require proper paperwork. In all cases, a valid coggins test (less than 180 days) is required, as well as an international health certificate, properly endorsed and stamped. If you have questions or concerns we can help and provide guidance.

5. Should I bandage my horses legs to ship?
We do not recommend wrapping bandages on your horse’s legs to ship.

6. Should I put a blanket on my horse?
If your horse is travelling with other horses, we do not recommend a blanket. If travelling alone during winter weather, you may want to blanket the horse. The driver will be monitoring the comfort of the horses in the van and will be opening or closing windows accordingly for temperature and air circulation.

7. Can I send equipment and tack?
Yes. Our vans are designed with storage capabilities, and you can send equipment to accompany your horse.

8. Are the horses fed and watered during the trip?
All horses are shipped on fresh bedding with ample hay available to them at all times, unless requested otherwise. Our drivers frequently stop and hand-water all horses in standing stalls as well. When travelling in a box stall, the stall is fully bedded and water is available to your horse at all times.